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The Academy of Business Strategy is an international corporate business school and a global consulting organization. The company has been established for many years, operating from central offices located in London and New York and services clients, students and consultants from all over the world. The Academy has traditionally specialized in facilitation, that is to say, we enable clients, students and consultants to do things for themselves, rather than do things for them. Consequently there is a much greater understanding, interpretation, ownership and commitment from end-users. The Academy has been involved with the development of many consulting services, incorporating e-commerce, finance, marketing, operations, human resources, management, strategy and training services.

The Academy of Business Strategy is also a Corporate Business School, specializing in the development and implementation of post-graduate management training programmes. The Academy has developed twenty post-graduate strategic training programmes and has had considerable experience training Company Directors, Senior Managers and Management Consultants. The Academy ensures that academic theory is translated into practical integration by making it an integral part of the qualification process. The Academy bridges the gap between pure Academic institutions and the larger internal Business Schools operated by global commercial organisations.

During the many years that the Academy has been established, it has perfected its facilitation by distance-learning teaching methods and this enables students to actually achieve their objectives during the programme and not after graduation. The Academy currently has the capacity to train up to 600 students annually. There are eighteen post-graduate programmes for client organizations and two post-graduate programmes for independent students. Academy of Business Strategy training programmes are developed so that they can be implemented online through the internet using the latest state-of-the-art e-learning technology. This ensures that students can study and receive the highest standards of support, wherever they are in the world. Many Academy students are international, studying from outside the UK and USA. Online training helps to make self-development much more interactive and more fun too than traditional methods. The Academy promotes facilitation by distance-learning. This means that we use training programmes as vehicles to achieve specific objectives and we facilitate the learning experience. All case studies are practical and require that real processes are implemented within real business organizations. We then facilitate implementation by integrating practical implementation with the academic qualification process.

For example, a Marketing Director, who enrols a Senior Manager onto the Post-Graduate Certificate in Marketing Strategy, knows that if their Manager qualifies as a (CMS), then the procedures featured within the programme will have been fully implemented within the relevant department in the organization. If the Manager then qualifies as a (DMS), Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing Strategy, then they know that the procedures will have been maintained for a period of five years. Similarly, a Management Consultant, who enrols on the Post-Graduate Certified Professional Consultant knows that if they qualify as a (CPC), then their consulting practice will be properly established. They will also have developed a tangible consulting service and implemented it within active client organizations. Training with the Academy of Business Strategy can be a good way of establishing a professional portfolio of post-graduate professional qualifications. This ensures that your academic business record matches any practical business experience that you have achieved. For example, it is becoming increasingly expected that management consultants should now possess consulting qualifications as well as traditional qualifications and practical experience. Indeed the majority of European and American employers will not consider consultants without suitable consulting qualifications and without evidence of tangible consulting services. The same is now becoming apparent with internal departmental senior managers and rightly so.

Academy post-graduate qualifications provide a benchmark for employers to recognize a professional standard of quality when employing senior department managers. It also ensures that the employer can have confidence in the fact that a proactive operating structure will have been implemented within the relevant department, managed by the student. This enables the department to become more proactive about the way in which they plan, develop, implement and manage strategy, with a view towards performance improvement. Consequently there are clear measurables with Academy post-graduate programmes and they therefore constitute cost-effective tools for implementation.

The unique training proposition with the Academy of Business Strategy is that all training programmes are managed via facilitation and driven by strategy. Each training programme requires no more contribution than between ten and twelve hours per week, or up to six days per month. However, post-graduate certificates can take anything between one and two years to complete. This is because you will be implementing and achieving objectives while you learn. The Academy does not promote short-term training courses where a student can usually absorb no more than 30 per cent of what they are taught. Academy training programmes ensure that academic theory is translated into practical integration. Thus the training experience has more practical substance to it and more long-term benefit to both the students and the organization that employs them, either internally or as consultants. Research conducted on Harvard students 20 years after they had graduated showed that 5 per cent were earning more money than the other 95 per cent combined. The only difference was that 5 per cent had written down their objectives before studying and used the programmes as vehicles to achieve their objectives while studying. In other words, they were driven by strategy.

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